it’s finals week ie. prime time to get hit by the urge to draw

blushing/bloody armin + eren + prom au doodles where they wear dresses and have hair extensions and are super cute and gross on the dance floor

got new pens!! if only tablets were as comfortable to use as them +__+

HOURLY COMIC DAY, ROUND 2!!! (last year’s is here)

it turns out i have gotten no better at making comics since last year, but it was fun! some more thoughts on the day:

  • arrow is an alright show so far (i’ve only finished 1x07)
  • my alarm requires doing arithmetic problems to turn it off it’s annoying and growing ineffective as i have evolved and adapted
  • pacific rim is a great movie
  • a clash of kings (asoiaf book 2) is obscenely long
  • the card game my brothers and i played is called dominion and i always lose