various doodles i had lying around and never finished/posted



HEEEEEEEEY !!!!!!\(^ o ^)/ so this saturday me, elyuu, starmint, and seishikiouji will be tabling at minicomi at table D1!!! It’s located in Olympic Village (1 Athletes Way) and will be open from 10am-5pm !! If you’re in the vancouver area please drop by and say hello…..we’d love to see you…. :’3c ADMISSION IS FREE!!! SO YOU AINT GOT NO EXCUSE unless you do then maybe next year…..ANYWAYS!! HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!!! there will be many great local talents there as well so you don’t want to miss it…..^ q ^…..

I’M GONNA BE AT A THING WITH SOME LOVELY PEOPLE THIS SATURDAY!!! please come say hi if you are in the vancouver area ^__^v

t-shirt design for WeHeartIU!! IU will be performing in the US for the first time next month at KCON 2014, and WHI is doing a t-shirt order ^___^ you can find more info here!

more snk heist au! armin and eren start recruiting for the jaeger’s eleven team: mikasa is probably scaling a building somewhere, annie has unfinished business with eren, mikasa calls up sasha and connie

jaeger’s eleven maybe: armin is the mastermind, christa is the benefactor, ymir is christa’s partner in crime slash bodyguard, sasha is a con lady, mikasa and annie are the muscle and wear a lot of tight black leather, the rest of the 104th squad probably have roles too idk

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